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Dog Guide Users of New Hampshire

Dog Guide Users of New Hampshire

1-Jun-2019 Walk for Sight

The date for the 2019 walk for Future in Sight is 1-June-2019. The DGUNH will receive half of what is pledged to the Doggone Best Team.

Go to the Doggone Best Team website opens in a new window to register.

The goal for this year is $3000.

If anyone needs help with the website, contact Sasha or Jan.

Walk Information

Location: Future In Sight, 25 Walker Street, Concord, NH

Walk Distance: 3K - 1.9 Miles

Time: Check-in at 9am, Walk begins at 11am

Fee: Adults $20, Kids under 12 $5

Future In Sight serves thousands of New Hampshire residents of all ages who live with vision loss or blindness, serving more than 3,400 in the last year alone. There are thousands more to reach. "We know there are children, adults, and seniors experiencing vision loss whose daily life activities would be enhanced by our personalized services - if they only knew we were a phone call away," says Nancy Druke, VP for Program Services at Future In Sight. "That's our goal - to transform the lives of individuals who are blind or have profound vision loss."

The 16th Annual Walk for Sight will accomplish many goals, including raising awareness of the low vision rehabilitation services Future In Sight offers, often starting in a client's own home. The Walk for Sight is less than two miles and also raises critical funding for such services. Last year, 500 walkers and 100 volunteers had a great time together while raising $100,000 to help with the $1.7 million cost of delivering their programs and services. When you participate in the Walk for Sight, you are helping to strengthen and expand their education programs, occupational therapy services, adaptive technology training, and recreational activities for children, adults and seniors living with profound sight loss or blindness.

Revised Date - Next Meeting, July 27, 2019

Due to the NASCAR event the weekend of July 20, the July meeting has been rescheduled. Don’t miss the next meeting on Saturday, 27-July-2019 at the Red Blazer opens in a new window Restaurant in Concord, NH from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM. The speaker will be the Fire Chief in Concord, NH. He will be speaking on fire prevention and how to react in case of a fire. He will also address what to do in case you are in a hotel or another public building and the fire alarm goes off . It is important to know how to react, especially with service dogs. It is important to keep ourselves and our dogs safe and react appropriately. Please think of question to ask the Fire Chief. It will be an informative meeting and we will all learn how to be safer.

NH House Bill 249 – Dogs in Restaurants

In January, a bill was submitted that would allow dogs (I am assuming pets) in restaurants here in New Hampshire. The entire text of the bill appears below:

1. Dogs in Restaurants. RSA 466:44, II is repealed and reenacted to read as follows:

II. A restaurant owner may allow dogs inside his or her place of business. Such dogs shall not be allowed in food preparation or production areas. A restaurant owner allowing dogs shall prominently display a sign at all public entrances advising patrons that dogs are allowed on the premises.

For reference, here is the entire text of the current RSA. Note , this bill is intended to replace only section ii of the current RSA:

New Hampshire Revised Statutes 466:44 – Restaurants and Food Stores

I. Except as provided in paragraph II, no person shall bring any animal into any restaurant or any store that sells food; and no person shall allow any animal to enter in any store that sells food, except for service animals as provided in RSA 167-D. Whoever violates the provisions of this paragraph shall be guilty of a violation.

II. A restaurant owner may allow his or her properly disciplined companion dog inside his or her place of business. Such dogs shall not be allowed in food preparation or production areas. A restaurant owner allowing his or her companion dog shall prominently display a sign at all public entrances advising patrons that his or her companion dog is allowed on the premises and that such dog shall be removed from any portion of the premises where members of the public are present in the event a patron with a service animal is present.

The bill was proposed by Representative Katherine Rogers opens in a new window and supported by Representative Timothy Horrigan opens in a new window, Representative Patricia Klee opens in a new window, Representative Skip Rollins opens in a new window, Representative Al Baldasaro opens in a new window, Representative Thomas Schamberg opens in a new window and Representative Kristina Schultz opens in a new window.

Thankfully, the bill was defeated this year with a vote of 5 against and 1 in favor.

Public interference is one of the major challenges experienced by service dog owners. Passage of this bill, as currently written, would increase a service dog owner’s exposure to interference and distractions. Additionally, poorly behaved pets could negatively impact restaurant owner perceptions and exacerbate negative public opinion regarding a service animal’s presence in public spaces. One only has to look at the airline business, where the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) opens in a new window allows, in addition to service animals, emotional support animals on planes. Due to numerous instances of poor behavior (barking, urination, defecation, attacks, etc.), mainly by non-service animals, the airlines and ACAA has been increasing regulations on emotional support animals. Yet, this bill provides no regulations and increases the population to include any type of dog, not just service and emotional support dogs.

Hopefully, with sufficient negative opinion and evidence, they will not consider reintroducing a revision of this bill in future legislative sessions.

Janet Akins Award

In tribute to one of DGUNH’s founding members, this award was created to honor Janet Akins’ contribution and memory. This year we were pleased to give this coveted honor to one of our founding members, Joanie Nelson. Joanie has contributed so much to the DGUNH: she created our logo, built and maintained our initial website, and served as vice-president and treasurer for many years. Joanie has worked hard to make the DGUNH a valuable resource for both users and puppy raisers. Her consistent efforts helped expand the reach of this beneficial support/social group. We were so happy to be able to give this special award to Joanie, such a deserving, long-term member.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Guide Etiquette